Introduction:  What This Course Is and How to Use It


1  Congratulations for downloading this app onto your mobile device! 
1  祝贺你下载并安装本App至移动端!

2  With this course you now have the opportunity to speak English better than many people who spend years living in America, and perhaps even better than many Americans.
2  通过学习本课程,你将有机会比很多在美生活多年的人说一口更流利的英语,甚至比大部分美国人说得还好。

"Warren's English Chineseˮ is the Chinese edition of the "Now You're Fluentˮ language app, which is also available through Apple in English-Spanish and English-Arabic editions, with other languages and platforms to follow.
3  沃伦高阶美语 Now You're Fluent语言App的中文版本。你也可在苹果应用商店下载英语-西班牙语版本及英语-阿拉伯语版本。其它语种和平台也将随后推出。

Now You're Fluent is unprecedented in its depth and comprehensiveness, so if you use this course properly, you will have a tremendous competitive advantage over others (in school, business, and life) who do not use this course.
4  沃伦高阶美语 的课程具备无与伦比的深度和广度,只要你合理使用本课程,相较没学过本课程的其他人(在学校、工作及日常生活中),你将获得极大的竞争优势。

5  Prior to now, only the very rich could afford to enroll in expensive language "immersion" courses overseas.
5  在此之前,只有非常富有的人才可支付昂贵的海外语言″浸入式″课程。

6  But now we have "leveled the playing field" by providing the functional equivalent of one full year of "immersion" for merely the cost of a meal at a restaurant.
6  而现在我们″创造公平的竞争环境″,为你提供同等效果的一整年的″浸入″课程,花费仅是你在餐馆一顿饭的支出。

Now You're Fluent is for the person who already has an elementary knowledge of basic grammar and basic vocabulary.  From this base, we grow your knowledge from a "shrub" into a "forest," so that you will be able to express yourself in virtually all of the situations of life in the 21st century.
7  沃伦高阶美语 适合已经具备初级基础语法和词汇的人士。以此为基点,我们将你的知识由″灌木″拓展为″森林″,使你在21世纪几乎所有的生活场景中都能表达自如。

Now You're Fluent contains 365 lessons, one for every day of the calendar year.
8  沃伦高阶美语 包含365课,每天一课,覆盖整个日历年。

9  The lessons systematically walk you through the entire life of an average American – from birth through death and funeral – so you will learn how to express yourself fluently in every situation imaginable.
9  课程内容系统地涵盖一个普通美国人的整个生活——从出生到死亡及葬礼——这样你能学会在每个可想象的场景中自如地表达自己。

10  To get an idea of how comprehensive this course is, we urge you to scroll through the bilingual Table of Contents posted on the website (
10  为了让你了解本课程内容范围的广度,我们强烈建议你浏览我们网站上发布的双语目录。

11  Hereʼs all you have to do to make this course work for you:
11  为让本课程达到预期效果,你需要做到:

12  When you have a few free minutes each day, just go to the lesson for whatever the calendar date is (or to any day/lesson you choose).
12  每天当你有几分钟的空闲时间,就开始当天的课程(或选择任何一日/课)。

13  Don't worry if you haven't done the lesson for the previous day –  just focus on whatever day it is today.
13  如果前一课你没学过,不用担心,专注今天的课程即可。

14  For each lesson, you will find a story comprised of six or seven sentences in both languages.
14  在每一课中,你会看到以双语显示的由六至七个句子组成的一个故事。

15  Just click back and forth as many times as you find necessary until you have mastered each sentence – or at least until you have learned one or two words in your second language.
15  你可来回点击你认为合适的次数,直到掌握每个句子——或至少学会一至两个作为你的第二语言的新词。

16  As you read and listen to each sentence, try to say it out loud or to yourself.
16  在你听读每个句子的同时,试着大声说出来或者对自己说。

17  There is no excuse for you not to memorize at least one sentence for each calendar day.
17  无论如何,每天至少要记住一个句子。

18  And don't worry if it seems difficult at first – as with all things in life, you will improve over time if you make a consistent effort.
18  若乍眼一看有难度也不必担心,和生活中的所有事情一样,只要你坚持不懈就会逐渐进步。

19  Focus on the words that are bolded and colored in blue, orange, green, and maroon:  these are the "Value-Added Expressions," i.e., the words that you never seem to learn no matter how long you have lived in a foreign country.
19  重点注意粗体和标注蓝色、橙色、绿色以及褐红色的单词:这些词是″增值表达″,也就是说,这些表达是无论你在国外住多久都不一定学到的。

20  Some of the "Value-Added Expressions" are split up by other words that are not part of the Expression; in these instances, the colors will show you which words constitute one integral Expression.
20  有些″增值表达″被不是这个表达本身的其他词分隔开;这类情况会用不同颜色来表示哪些词构成一个完整的表达

21  Because of the color coding, in most instances you should not need a dictionary to figure out the meaning of any "Value-Added Expression."  This is one of the benefits of learning with Now You're Fluent. 
21  凭借颜色标记,你不需要查词典就能理解任何 ″增值表达″ 的释义。这也是使用 沃伦高阶美语 课程的一个优势。

22  Words in (parentheses) are not necessarily or always spoken; they are understood.  In other words, you can use the expression with or without the words in parentheses.
22  圆括号)里的词不一定总要说出来;它们不言自明。也就是说,你可以加或者不加括号里的词来使用这个表达。

23  Words in [brackets] indicate an alternative translation that is equally correct.  In other words, in some of the sentences we provide you with two ways to say the same thing.
23  【方括号】里的词表示另一种同样正确的翻译。也就是说,在一些句型中,我们为你提供同一事物的两种表达方式。

24  If you learn just two of the "Value-Added Expressions" for each day, you will make noticeable progress.
24  就算你每天只学两个 ″增值表达″,你也会取得明显的进步。 

25  If the topic for a given day is not particularly interesting to you, just do one or two lines and don't worry about the rest, but at least do one sentence!
25  若你对当天的话题不是特别感兴趣,不用担心,学一两句也行,不要担心其余部分,但至少要学一句! 

26  Please note that we are teaching you American English, the way it is really spoken by educated Americans.
26  请注意我们教的是美式英语,受教育的美国民众的现实语言。

27  We invite you to consult the Now You're Fluent website every few months for any updates pertaining to Your Target Languages.
27  我们邀你每隔几个月访问 沃伦高阶美语 的网站查看″你目标语言″的相关更新。

28  Eventually, as we produce this app/course in other languages, the underlying text for each lesson will be almost the same in every language (English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, etc.), so you will be able to use this program to perfect your knowledge of any combination of languages by simply downloading the matching apps in those languages.
28  最后,随着我们制作本App/课程的其他语言版本,每种语言(英语、西班牙语、阿拉伯语、中文及其他语言)版本里的每一课基本内容将是一样的,将来你可以下载相对应其它语种的App来完善相关语言的知识。

29  We created this program because we realized that nothing like it ever existed before, and we wanted it for ourselves.
29  我们制作本课程是因为我们发现此前没有同类产品的存在,因此我们自己需要此类产品。 

30  We hope you enjoy this course and benefit from it as much as we have!
30  我们衷心希望你喜欢本课程,并和我们一样从中受益匪浅!

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